6 Spaces To transform With Outdoor Heating

Witten by: Gess Sheridan

When you think of overhead electric outdoor heating, you might immediately go to the outdoor dining areas of bars, restaurants, and cafes. In fact, there are many areas that can be transformed with a bit of overhead heating – from inner city apartment balconies to converted garage workshops.

With easy installation, spaces that are often left neglected in the colder months gain a whole new life with the right heating solution and become winter sanctuaries that can be enjoyed, rain or shine.

We’ve put together a list of spaces to transform with Ambe electric outdoor heating – other than your favourite tapas bar!

1. Your Front Porch

Enjoy a cup of tea on a cool afternoon under the comfort of an Ambe Ceramic outdoor heater.  Image credit. The Spruce

Ah, the porch, the first impression of the home. If you’re like us, you have memories of parents and grandparents enjoying a cup of tea on the patio when you arrive – as if they were waiting for you out there.  It’s a tradition we acknowledge generations later, but it can often be fleeting when the weather turns.

Create a trans-seasonal space right on your doorstep by installing an Ambe outdoor heater.  The subtle design of the Ceramic Radiant heaters works seamlessly with any décor – you’d barely know they were there if not for the luxurious heat radiating from them. From your winter morning coffee to late night banter with mates under the stars – gone are the days of

2. Your Apartment Balcony

Take your coffee al fresco on a winter’s morning with, accompanied by an Ambe outdoor heater. Image Credit : Edgepop.my

Apartment living is an increasingly popular way of life, particularly in large cities. With little so maintain they facilitate the simple, no-fuss lifestyle requirements of many working professionals.

However, living in large buildings can often feel a little closed off from the outdoors making it even more to make the most of what is usually the only outdoor space – the balcony.

Apartment balconies can be tricky spaces to work with, often being small, awkwardly shaped and limited by council restrictions – there’s not a lot of options to when it comes to outdoor heating. That’s why Ambe Electric outdoor heaters are such a great solution; they’re safe and easy to install and they take up the space above – leaving the whole balcony free to accommodate what really matters, your pot plants.

3. The Veranda

Veranda’s come in all shapes and sizes, from the modern Apex design to grand gabled roofs and the classic flat roof wrap around.  Designed to extend the living space and provide a sheltered outdoor area to watch the world go by. But while most houses come with a veranda of some description – they don’t come with heating.

Enter the Ambe Ceramic Radiant heater. Installed overhead, these heaters are the unsung heroes – heating your space without making a song and dance about it.  With a sleek black aesthetic, they don’t interfere with that traditional veranda look.  All that’s left now is to settle in for a long afternoon of people watching with a glass of wine, while you wait patiently for the postie.

4. The Outdoor Kitchen

There’s nothing like socialising with friends and family in the backyard. If you’re a serious about backyard entertaining you’ve probably gone to the trouble of setting up an outdoor kitchen.  Or maybe you have plans to convert that old shed, finally.

Outdoor Kitchens are a great addition to any backyard, especially if you love to host a crowd- but they can be underutilised in the colder months due to lack of heating. Ambe Infrared Radiant heaters are the perfect solution. Installed over head, they radiate direct and immediate heat with a warm glow reminiscent of the beer garden of your favourite Fitzroy pub – so the beers and banter can go on well into the night.

5. The Workshop or Art Studio

Get comfortable and let the creativity flow with an Ambe Infrared Heater. Image Credit: Housebeautiful

If you’ve converted your garage into a workshop or art studio – you probably know that the poor insulation makes it difficult to heat with most plug-in heaters. Not only do they get in the way of your equipment, they’re really not the most efficient heaters.  They say the cold stimulates memory and creativity, but we beg to differ.

Ambe’s infrared heaters are installed overhead, so they don’t interfere with your work. Plus they heat up instantly, so you don’t need to worry about pre heating your space prior to getting stuck in – you can work on your projects whenever the inspiration hits you!

6. The (Wo)man Cave

De-stress in the She Shed with the Ambe Infrared Outdoor Heater. Image Credit: HGTV

We all wish we could spend longer in the Man Cave, or She Shed. It’s a space we create where can take some time out, away from the routine pressures of life. We deck it out with things that make us feel good – pool tables, wide screen TV’s, bar carts and old record players.

We give it love with retro furnishings, rugs and glassware but we often fall short when it comes to heating.  Much like the converted garage workshop, these spaces can be difficult to heat. Enter the Ambe Infrared Radiant heater. The warm glow from the element adds ambience to the space while the built in Bluetooth technology means it can be controlled from your smartphone – meaning there’s no need to step away from that footy game to adjust the heating,