Extend your time outdoors - 7 reasons to install an Ambe Outdoor Heater

Witten by: Gess Sheridan

Us Kiwis (Aussies) love our outdoor spaces – give us sunny day or a balmy evening and we’re firing up the BBQ and rolling out the Chilli Bin (Esky). We pray for mother nature to deliver good weather for pot-lucks, birthdays and Christmas dinners but she doesn’t always provide.

Installing outdoor heating is a great way to climate proof your entertainment area so you can spend more time basking in the outdoors.  It doesn’t have to be complicated – Ambe outdoor heaters are easy to instal and can warm your space at the touch of a button. But don’t just take our word for it – here are 7 reasons to transform your entertainment area with Ambe.

1. No Space? No problem!

Image Credit: The Spruce

If you don’t have a lot outdoor space – we feel you. if you have an apartment balcony, patio or just a humble courtyard – making the most of that space is key.  Ambe overhead heaters are installed above your outdoor living area – so they don’t take up valuable space on the ground. With no need to work a clunky heater into the design of your entertaining area you have more freedom to create an outdoor oasis with your favourite furniture, lighting, and pot plants galore.

2. They won’t cramp your style

Outdoor heating can really get in the way of our design vision when it comes to entertainment areas. There’s nothing worse than seeing a big freestanding heater towering over your delicate outdoor furnishings. The simple design of Ambe outdoor heaters means they will work in seamlessly with any outdoor décor. Not only are they installed above eye height, they’re also minimal and subtle – hanging back from the action and letting your carefully curated décor take the stage.

3. They’re quiet

It’s not a Sunday session without some tunes, but the added buzzing of an electric heater in the background is not a vibe.  Ambe Ceramic Radiant heaters are deadly silent, so whether you’re listening to the melodies of mother nature or setting the scene with a your favourite playlist – be it Bob Marley or John Mayor – you won’t be interrupted.

4. You’ll get instant action

Not all heroes wear capes – the beauty of Ambe’s Radiant Infrared range is that rather than faffing around heating up the air around you – it heats you directly. They also heat up instantly meaning the minute you feel the weather cooling off you can switch on the heating and the night can live on.

5. They’re rental friendly.

If you’re in a rental, like many of us are in 2021, you know you have fewer options when it comes to installing outdoor heating. But just because you’re renting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the autonomy to transform your space and make it your own. Installing an Ambe heater requires no structural alterations and you can easily take it down if you move into a new home.

6. And (Fur) Family Friendly

Installed out of reach of little fingers and paws, Ambe overhead heaters are a great family friendly choice when it comes to heating.  While wood and gas fires can be dangerous and emit unhealthy fumes, Ambe has you and your family in safe hands.

7. They’re so easy

Life gets busy. Don’t we know it.  Quality time with family and friends can often be fleeting and we don’t have time to be messing around with the heating.

All of our Ambe Infrared Radiant heaters can be controlled remotely, saving on time that could be better spent hanging out with the family.  Adjust the temperature, set timers and control multiple heating all without leaving the sofa, or the conversation.

8. You’ll save your pennies.

Finally, while other forms of heating can burn a hole in your pocket, Ambe outdoor heating is a low-cost heating solution. Leaving you more in the bank to put towards that shiny new BBQ or designer dining table – whatever you fancy.