Easy Living - Introducing Ambe Electric Fireplaces

Witten by: Gess Sheridan

Make your house a home

There’s nothing like a fireplace to make your house feel like a home. The cosy warmth and calming nature of flickering flames is nurturing, extending an invitation to gather, relax, and connect with friends and family.
However, we all know a wood or gas fire doesn’t suit every home or every lifestyle. Ambe brings you the ambience and aesthetic of a real fire – without the mess or maintenance. The look you love, without the fuss.

Streamlined for a modern, versatile look that works seamlessly into any interior – all Ambe fireplaces feature a pared back look, with clean lines, minimal detailing, and a love of linear.
With sophisticated, flame-picture technology that urges you to relax and succumb to total relaxation.

Make a statement

Every space needs a feature, something to define it, elevate it, and bring it to life. A great statement piece should speak your unique style, capture attention, and draw you into the room.

Ambe’s range of Electric fires does exactly that, with a mesmerising display of dancing flames to captivate you and plenty design options –

Design in Your Hands

Ambe comes in a range of designs to suit you, and your home.
The Ambe Linear Electric Fireplace showcases the magic of minimalism and the effect of frameless – creating a mesmerising wall of flames right in your living room. If you fancy something a little different, unexpected, and unique – the Ambe corner fire was made for you. Wrapping around left or right, with two sides of flame viewing to spark a conversation. And for those looking for a stand-out feature – something to turn heads and draw the eye – the Ambe Bay Electric Fireplace boasts three sides of glass for the ultimate flame effect .
Ambe also comes with interchangeable fuel beds and LED lighting displays – so you can change up your look when and how the mood takes you.

Warmth where you want it

Unlike a traditional or real fire, Ambe can be installed anywhere. Without the need for a chimney or flue, you can bring warmth to any corner of the home – ideal for apartment buildings and multi-level homes. Fancy a fireplace in the bedroom? Sure. Something integrated into bespoke shelving or cabinetry? No problem. The possibilities are endless, encompassing the different aesthetic, functional and lifestyle requirements of your home.

Easy Living

All Ambe Electric fireplaces can be remote controlled – turn it on, adjust the temperature and even change the light display call at the touch of a button. Plus, with optional smartphone control, Ambe integrates seamlessly into your home – allowing you to control it from most mobile phones, wherever you are.

Safe for the family

Safe to touch, Ambe heats your home via a top vent, with no heat is being contained within the glass display. This means you can cosy up to Ambe with no chance of accidental burns – and curious little fingers and paws stay safe.