Outdoor Heaters | Midnight Series | RC2400

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RC2400 Outdoor Heater


Sleek, subtle and stylish, the Midnight Series RC2400 is the perfect accompaniment to your wine and cheese nights.

Installed overhead, it fits in effortlessly and wouldn’t dream of upsetting your existing décor.
A little smaller but not too small – with 2.4kW of heat, call it Goldilocks because it heats just right.


1550W x 160H x 80D​
10 amp standard plug
IP Rating
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Easy to install

Ambe outdoor heaters are quick and easy to install. With no need for a flue or compliance, these heaters give you the freedom to warm your space without restrictions.

Sleek and stylish

Ambe’s Midnight Series are all class. Sleek, understated and modestly stylish their sophisticated black design works seamlessly into any outdoor décor.

Warmth that wraps around you

More than just a pretty face, Ambe’s Midnight Series creates comforting ‘black heat’ that warms you, and the space around you.

More sizes available