Outdoor Heaters | Sunset Series | RIR2000 Slim


RIR2000-Slim Outdoor Heater


The Ambe Infrared RIR2000-Slim will bring the heat to your party – warming you directly in a matter of minutes.

Setting the scene for long nights under the stars, this slimline heater radiates a warm glow, reminiscent of Bali’s alfresco air.

Just like the RIR2000 but sleeker – both thinner and with less depth – the RIR2000-Slim delivers 2.0kW of toasty heat.


2.0 kW
610W x 90H x 50D​
10 amps, 3 pin 230V plug
IP Rating

Ease Of Installation

Ambe outdoor heaters are quick and easy to install. They’re a great alternative to an outdoor gas or wood fire; and with no compliance needed, Ambe gives you the freedom to heat your space without restrictions.

Heat when you want it

Ambe Sunset Series of Radiant Infrared heaters don’t mess around. They heat up instantly – a matter of minutes in fact. So there’s no need to pack in the party when the weather turns.

Heat where you want it

Ambe’s Sunset Series of Radiant Infrared heaters utilise ‘bright heat’ illuminating the space around you like a sunset, and creating instant, powerful warmth. This means they get straight to the business of heating you directly, rather than faffing around heating the air around you. If that’s not efficient, we don’t know what is.

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