Outdoor HeatersMidnight Series | RC1800


RC1800 Outdoor Heater


Warm up to an Ambe Midnight Series Radiant Infrared Outdoor Heater.

Stylish, this outdoor heater will elevate your space and encourage you to spend more time soaking up the outdoors when the sun goes down, or the weather turns.

The Ambe RC1800 gives you that little something-something. And by ‘something’, we mean a nice little bit of heat.


1250W x 160H x 80D​
10 amps, 3 pin 230V plug
IP Rating

Ease Of Installation

Ideal for rentals, new homes, outdoor rooms and apartment balconies, Ambe’s Midnight Series of Radiant Infrared Heaters are quick and easy to install. With no need for a flue, they’re a great alternative to an outdoor gas or wood fire. And with no compliance needed, Ambe gives you the freedom to heat your space just the way you want to.

Discreet Disposition

Ambe’s Midnight Series of Radiant Infrared Heaters are all class. Sleek, understated and modestly stylish their sophisticated black design works seamlessly into any outdoor décor. Installed overhead, they heat your space discreetly with an invisible ‘black heat’ – and without drawing unwanted attention to themselves.

Warmth that Wraps around you

More than a pretty face, Ambe’s Midnight Series of Radiant Infrared heaters provide a comforting heat that warms you, and the space around you. They achieve this via convected heat with an aluminum element, or ‘black heat’ – resulting in warmed air which wraps all the way around you.

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